Malton & Norton Neighbourhood Plan THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN FOR MALTON AND NORTON 2020-2027 

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? 

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by the Government under the Localism Act of 2011. It’s an important and powerful tool that gives communities such as Malton and Norton statutory powers to help with their development. 
It’s a document that sets out planning policies for the area – and these planning policies are used to decide whether in the future with the new North Yorkshire Council as our Local Planning Authority is able to approve planning applications. 
It’s a document that’s written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, rather than the Local Planning Authority. It’s a powerful tool to help ensure that our community gets the right types of development, in the right place 

How have we created our Neighbourhood Plan? 

The whole point of a Neighbourhood Plan is that it is community led. A steering committee was originally formed in 2011, which faltered, but momentum then again gathered pace when a second steering group was created during 2016 which included representatives from the whole community of Malton and Norton; a number of separate focus groups also met on many occasions to consider the details of what should be included. These focus groups included residents, businesses, community groups, schools and churches – to find out what’s important to us where we live, what we’d like to improve, and what our vision is for the local area. 
An essential part of the process was also the need to gather evidence to back up the ideas that the community wants to see. Using this feedback and evidence, we secured grant funding to engage a specialist for technical support and to provide professional advice to help write the planning policies that will make our community’s vision a reality. 
Broadly, our Neighbourhood Plan is a framework for considering a range of issues including: 
The development of housing, and provision for businesses to set up or expand their premises, transport and movement, including issues around roads, traffic management, car parking, rail access, cycling, and walking 
The development of schools, health facilities, leisure and entertainment facilities, and other meeting places for the community to use. The enhancement of our environment and streetscene, including the design of buildings and improvements to our conservation areas, and ways in which we can take pride in the appearance of our towns. 
The river corridor, including the improvement of access, development along the river frontage, buildings affected by flood risk – and our flood defences. 
Tourism and the heritage of our community, including the protection of important buildings, archaeological sites and other historic assets. The protection and creation of open space, sports pitches, play areas, trees, parkland and gardens. 
After statutory consultation in February/March 2021, the Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to Ryedale District Council in January 2022. The plan was subsequently withdrawn in the second half of 2022 in order that key identified amendments, relating primarily to highway improvements and Local Green Space could be made. 
The amended plan will now be subject to a further statutory consultation commencing 27th January 2023 and ending 10th March 2023. Following further amendment, the plan has been re-submitted to the new North Yorkshire Council (NYC) on 1st August 2023, for further publicity/consultation, examination and a referendum of everyone on the towns’ voting register. If successful at referendum, NYC will have a legal obligation to then ‘adopt’ the plan and to consider its policies when making planning decisions. Similarly, inspectors in deciding planning appeals. 

Neighbourhood Plan Re-Submission 

Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 15 – Re-Submission of Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Plan 
In accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Malton Town Council and Norton-on-Derwent Town Council have now re-submitted the Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton (‘The Neighbourhood Plan’) to North Yorkshire Council (NYC). 
• Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton Submission Version 
• Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton Proposals Map 
• Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton Consultation Statement 
• Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton Basic Conditions Statement 
• Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) 
• Neighbourhood Plan for Malton and Norton Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report 
This Submission Neighbourhood Plan is being submitted by qualifying bodies, namely Malton Town Council and Norton-on-Derwent Town Council. The plan proposal relates to planning matters (the use and development of land) and has been prepared in accordance with the statutory requirements and processes set out in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended by the Localism Act 2011) and the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012. The Neighbourhood Plan proposal does not deal with county matters (mineral extraction and waste development), nationally significant infrastructure or any other matters set out in Section 61K of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. The Neighbourhood Plan proposal relates to the designated Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Area and to no other area. There are no other Neighbourhood Plans relating to that area. 
The Neighbourhood Plan submission documents, evidence base and historical documents can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Plan pages of the Malton Town Council and Norton-on-Derwent Town Council websites, by clicking on the Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Plan tab at the top of the sites’ opening page. Please note, the Norton on Derwent Website Neighbourhood Plan pages are in the process of being updated, so are temporarily out of date, please view all the documentation on this page for the time being. 
Basic Conditions Statement Annexes 
Consultaton Statement Annexes 
Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Plan Focus Group Meetings 
Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meetings 
-RDC Air Quality Annual Status Report 2019 – available at: 
Ryedale Local Plan – available at: 
Ryedale Shopfront Design and Signs Supplementary Planning Guidance – available at: 
National Planning Policy Framework – available at:–2 
National Planning Practice Guidance – available at:- 
Ryedale Community Infrastructure Levy – information available at: 
Malton and Norton Strategic Transport Assessment (STA) 2010 – available at: 
Malton Air Quality Management Area – information available at: 
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