Community engagement is all about bringing local people, decision makers and service providers together to address issues of inequality and deprivation by making the best use of available resources to create thriving communities for the benefit of everyone. 
Whilst Malton Town Council is a provider of services such as cemeteries, Rainbow Lane Play Area, War Memorial, street cleaning, Malton In Bloom, Malton Town Council is a civic authority with responsibility for community development and the promotion of active citizenship and civic pride. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can have their say and take part in addressing the issues that affect their lives. 
Within Malton there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, can be channelled to meet the needs of the residents of Malton. 
Malton Town Council is committed to supporting people-led action, developing self-help initiatives, increasing community engagement, expanding the number of productive working partnerships between organisations within the town, and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone. 
We are here to support the development of life skills and skills sharing, create lifelong learning opportunities to assist people into work and increase opportunities for those already in work. Malton Town Council has a big part to play in the development of positive community relations by supporting projects and activities that help to reduce prejudice and help to create a more integrated Malton. 
What matters to you in your local area? 
Is it the state of the local park, the need for more activities for young people, improving services for older people, making the roads safer or ensuring that local businesses can thrive? You may already be involved in the local community of Malton and want to take the next step or you may be looking for a worthwhile and rewarding way to help your local community. Whatever you feel needs changing or improving in Malton, you could be just the person to make that difference by becoming a Town Councillor. 
You may already have an idea of the type of people who stand as local councillors, but this image could be outdated. Groups made up of diverse individuals tend to make better-informed decisions. It is important that Councils have Councillors who not only reflect and represent the communities they serve but also have a broad range of skills and life experience. You don’t have to be highly educated or have a profession, skills gained through raising a family, caring for a sick or disabled relative, volunteering or being active in faith or community groups can be just as valuable. 
While you don’t need any special qualifications to be a Councillor, having or being able to develop the following skills, knowledge and attributes will help you in the role: 
Communication skills; these include listening and interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, the ability to consider alternative points of view and to negotiate, mediate and resolve conflict. 
Problem solving and analytical skills; this includes being able to get to the bottom of an issue and to think of different ways to resolve it, including considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 
Team working; being able to work with others in meetings and on committees and being able to complete any tasks that you agree to do on time. 
Organisational skills; being able to plan and manage your time, keep appointments and meet deadlines. 
Ability to engage with your local community; you may have to make yourself available through meetings, the media, the internet, public forums, debates and on the telephone. 
There are many different reasons why people decide to become a local Councillor. They include: 
wishing to make a difference and be involved in shaping the future of the local community. 
being concerned about the local area and wanting to ensure that the community gets the right services. 
wishing to represent the views of local people and ensure that community interests are taken into account. 
wishing to contribute individual business or professional skills. 
concerns about one particular issue. 
as an extension of what you are already doing through a charity, voluntary group or school governing body. 
The best way to find out what it’s like to be a Town Councillor is to talk to someone who’s doing it now; come along to a town council meeting, speak to one of our Malton Town Councillors or contact the Town Clerk. 
Monthly Drop In Sessions 
The Town Council holds a monthly drop in session on a Wednesday between 10am-11am, dates are advertised for the year ahead on the Town Council website and Facebook page and are held at The Wells Lane Community Centre, Malton. This multi-agency session is also attended by North Yorkshire Police, Ryedale District Council and North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue. The dates of the sessions are advertised on the Community Engagement page of our website and social media.  
The Clerk attends monthly drop in sessions at Malton Secondary School with North Yorkshire Police Officers, Malton Pubwatch Meetings and the Multi Agency Night Time Economy Town Walks. 
Malton Town Council has developed an effective Community Engagement Policy and is ensuring continued engagement through its website, social media including Facebook and Instagram in addition to newsletters and the traditional notice boards. Residents are welcome to attend the monthly full Council meetings (please see agendas and minutes for the dates and locations of the meetings). The Community Engagement Poicy is available to view or download by clicking on the link below. Feedback, comments and suggestions are encouraged. 
Rainbow Lane Play Area Enhancement Scheme Community Consultation 
During 2022 the Town Council carried out intensive consultation with all schools in Malton and Norton, hard to reach groups and the wider community. The consultation consisted in a series of presentations and completion of feedback forms either in hard copy, or via survey monkey. In addition to attending all schools, Members and staff also carried out surveys in the Market Place, on site at Rainbow Lane Play Area, drop in events held at the Rainbow Lane Community Centre and Norton Skatepark. The results showed overwelming support for a pump track to be installed at Rainbow Lane Play Area. On receipt of the consultation results the Council resovled unanimously to embark on the exciting project of installing a pump track at Rainbow Lane Play Area with the aim of the pump track being installed in Spring/Summer 2023, subject to the success of funding bids.  
Please click on the documents below to see our pump track project journey:-  
Monthly Food Markets 
The Town Council are in attendance at the monthly food markets in Malton Market Place from 9am-3pm, please come along to our gazebo and chat to staff and Councillors  
Saturday 12th November 2022  
Saturday 3rd December 2022 - Malton Christmas Festival 
Saturday 11th March 2023 
Saturday 8th April 2023 
Saturday 13th May 2023 
Saturday 10th June 2023 
Other ways to get involved 
All our meetings are open to the public and there is an opportunity at each for members of the public to raise concerns and ask questions. There is also an annual town meeting which all parishioners are invited to attend; this is an open forum meeting where we also hold our Annual Town Awards and is much less formal than our usual monthly meetings. 
Residents can contact the Council via telephone, email or in writing, you can find further details at the bottom of this page. Any formal communication received by the Council will be received at a public meeting for consideration. Residents can bring to the attention of the council anything that concerns them, either directly or through the Clerk. If matters raised are not the responsibility of the council, the Clerk can bring them to the attention of the proper authority. 
The contact details of all Town Councillors are available on our Staff and Councillors page, as well as being published in the Annual Report; residents can raise issues with Town Councillors which will then be brought before the Council. 
We actively seek the views of members of the public via surveys, drop in events, visit our gazebo at the monthly food market and via our events; we encourage you to engage and to tell us how we can improve local participation. All meetings are advertised via our website and social media pages so you will always know what your Town Council is considering by way of the agenda and associated papers. You will also always know what your Town Council agrees as minutes of meetings are published online and available for public inspection. 
Photograph The Mayor of Malton and Mayor of Norton at the Christmas Charity Concert held at St Michael's Church on 26th November, the concert raised over £450 in aid of Racing Welfare and the Ryedale Community Foodbank 
Mayor of Malton, Councillor Ian Conland pictured next to the Town Council Community Engagement Gazebo 
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