In the first instance, the Town Council is often the local contact for the residents of Malton for a wide variety of issues and general enquiries.  It is a non-political body, and exists to promote the best interests of the residents of the town and the wider community of Malton.

The Council liaises with the other Ryedale town councils concerning issues of common interest and with both Ryedale District Council and North Yorkshire County Council on strategic issues.  In addition to the website, the Council publishes an Annual Report and provides information on its notice boards in the Old Town Hall building of Malton’s Market Place, to keep in touch with residents.  The Council, which consists of 10 elected members, meets 11 times per year.

It is the burial authority for Malton (see Cemeteries), and is a statutory consultee for all planning applications (see Planning Applications) within the area. The Council provides and maintains certain floral displays in the Town, and undertakes roadside verge maintenance (see Environment).

Each year, the Council also seeks to support a variety of community groups in Malton, through the provision of grant funding.  Requests for funding from eligible groups should in the first instance be made to the Town Clerk.  Further details can be found under Grants from the Council.

Further information on the activities and achievements of Malton Town Council are available in the Annual Report 2017