The Town Council is a statutory planning consultee for Malton and is charged with considering all planning applications within the Town. The Council considers all such applications at each monthly meeting of the full Council, and carefully reviews the impacts on neighbours, the street scene, and the overall impact on the Town. The recommendations of Malton Town Council are then passed to Ryedale District Council, which is the strategic planning authority for building control, conservation and regeneration, and planning policy. Some applications may also be reviewed by North Yorkshire County Council.

Ryedale District Council has the final decision on whether to grant or refuse an application but should an application attract opposition from neighbouring dwellings, pressure can be brought to bear on the planners if five or more separate letters are sent to the District Council.

This generally ensures that the outcome of the application is decided by elected Councillors, rather than a decision solely recommended by planning officers within their department. It is suggested that such letters are also copied to Malton Town Council, via the Town Clerk, so that these objections can be considered.

The recommendations of the Town Council on individual Planning Applications can be found in the minutes of Council Meetings.

If you wish to see further information concerning the progress of individual Planning Applications, you should view the relevant area on the Ryedale District Council website (Ryedale Planning Applications).