In 2011, the Localism Act introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities such as ours to shape new development by coming together to prepare Neighbourhood Plans.  It’s an important change to the planning system allowing whole communities such as Malton and Norton to have a genuine say in how the two towns are developed in the future.  Whilst Ryedale District Council will continue to set the strategic context in which our Neighbourhood Plan will sit, the Plan won’t come into effect unless there’s a majority of support in a referendum of voters in both Malton and Norton.  
If the proposals being developed by the two towns pass the referendum, Ryedale, as the local planning authority, is under a legal duty to bring them into force. Ryedale is supportive of this process, and we’re already working with them as we embark on the next critical stage. Some work has already been undertaken, and we’re now about to embark on the second phase of this initiative.  There will much more news about the development of the Neighbourhood Plan over the coming months, including details of the timing, and the consultation process.  Full details will be posted here.