Environment and streetscene

The Town Council provides and maintains floral hanging baskets on columns around the Town and in Old Malton, together with several planted boxes in the Town.  It also maintains four planted areas in the Market Place, and an area around the War Memorial at the junction with Yorkersgate and Horsemarket Road. Together with Norton Town Council it also provides planters on County Bridge across the River Derwent.

The Town Council is responsible for roadside verge maintenance in Malton and cuts of approximately 25,000 square metres of roadside verges within the Town on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council. Residents and visitors to Malton can continue to assist this work by ensuring that vehicles are not parked on the grass verges.

Litter and dog waste bins are sited at appropriate locations within the Town. The Council takes careful consideration of the concerns of residents about their location. Whilst the Town Council provides these, Ryedale District Council is responsible for the removal of waste from these bins.

The Council provides and maintains public seats and is always grateful to those residents who gift seats to the Town in memory of family and friends.  Please contact the Town Clerk if you are interested in gifting a seat to the Town.