The Town Council will consider applications for grant funding from community groups and voluntary organisations, if the following criteria are met:

  • That there is a tangible, demonstrable, and sustainable benefit from the organisation for the people of Malton
  • That a written statement of the purpose and requirement for funding is provided
  • That appropriate financial information is provided (including the latest audited accounts for established organisations)
  • That the total cost of the project or scheme is provided for which monies are being sought (and, if so, how much is being sought from the Council)
  • That details are provided of any fund raising activities by the applicant and/or other organisations which are being approached for similar funding

The applicant may be asked to return the whole or a proportion of the grant to the Town Council, should the intended purpose of the grant fails, or if not all the monies awarded are needed. The grant of an award is entirely at the discretion of the Town Council, and its decision is final.

The closing date for applications is Thursday 30th August and applications will be considered by the Town Council at the September meeting.

For clarification of any of the points listed above or for a word version of the application form, please contact the Town Clerk.

Section 137 Grant Application Form

MTC Grant Policy