Ryedale residents urged to report graffiti, abandoned vehicles and illegal fly posting

Fly posting, abandoned vehicles and graffiti can be reported quickly and easily online to Ryedale District Council – these ‘environmental crimes’ can be unsightly and expensive for both private landowners and the Council to clear away.

Ryedale residents are being urged to help keep their communities clean by reporting problems via the council’s website. Anyone who abandons their car illegally faces a hefty fine. Graffiti can be offensive, unpleasant and costly to remove. Illegal fly posting can include signs, flyers, posters and stickers on lampposts, trees, and bins or at the side of the road – including staking them in grass verges on roadsides or roundabouts which could create a dangerous obstruction.

Ryedale District Council’s Chairman of Policy and Resources, Cllr Luke Ives, commented, “Fly posting at the side or the road or on roundabouts can cause a dangerous obstruction which is why there are strict rules and regulations around this kind of advertising.

“Graffiti and fly posting is unsightly and expensive for us to remove from public spaces and can also be a costly problem for private landowners if they need to remove it from their land too.

“Abandoned vehicles can be a magnet for crime, anti-social behaviour or arson in our communities and these can be reported easily through our website or by calling us.”

Please click here to report incidents to Ryedale District Council