Malton Town Council Cemetery Manager Retires

Stuart Turner, Malton’s Cemetery Manager, has retired after almost 28 years of service to the Town. Tributes were paid to Stuart at Community House in Malton on 22nd August, where he was joined by members of the Town Council, Council staff, close family and friends – to say goodbye, after stepping down from the job which he started in May 1989.
Speaking on behalf of the Town at the farewell event, Malton’s Mayor, Councillor Paul Andrews, praised the quiet and efficient way he has carried out his role for the Town Council. He added, ‘without your work Malton Town Council would not have the good reputation it now enjoys. We would like to thank you for that work and wish you a long and happy retirement’.

Many people from Malton and beyond have appreciated Stuart’s helpful, friendly and courteous manner, often in difficult cicumstances. In addition to his principal responsibilities for the day-to-day maintenance of Malton’s two cemeteries, the Rainbow Lane play area and the War Memorial, Stuart has also been directly involved in the expansion of planted and maintained public areas in and around the town. He has been instrumental in providing and maintaining the abundant floral displays in the town which have given so much pleasure to residents and visitors during the summer months.

For Mike Skehan, Clerk for the last twelve years, Stuart has been not only an utterly dependable colleague but also a friend who will be sorely missed. His mental store of useful information will make it inconceivable that contact will be lost.

Malton resident Mick I’Anson has been appointed to succeed Stuart, and has already taken up his role. With the small team, he is committed to sustaining the ongoing work, and where resources permit, to delivering enhanced facilities for the benefit of residents and others in Malton for the years to come.